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Visions given of what is coming

Visions of end time given to Norma Holt

The Truth Shown in Visions From God

End Time Visions Given to Norma Revealed.

Visions occur quickly and usually involve only a few seconds of your time. It is like being momentarily removed to another place. They happen while awake and there is no logical explanation for them except they are a supernatural event that foretell of things to come or of things that are.

During the years 1985-86 I was given numerous visions and was taught by the Spirit of man's distortion of facts, his complete disregard for creation, and of how he is subsequently bringing the world to an end through his own stupidity.

Instructed on what is coming and what is the most disturbing of man's influence over the world is directly related to God's pain and the rubbish that humans absorb through monetary desires that are anything but spiritual and the religious rubbish that people believe and act upon.

Many have no idea of who or what God is. It is not religion but the Great Spirit of the Universe that some feel inside and communicate with.

It is not a man or woman because it has no sex, never fathered a child but its spiritual people have sought other gods and caused great anger and pain among the human population. Because of the rubbish taught by religion man believes he has dominion over the earth and can do what he likes. Now the real God will show him otherwise.

To understand these things I was taken to the origin of language and religion to learn the codes of those systems and the basis from which these behaviour patterns emerged. Aligned with both is symbolism which is the beginning of the written word. They prove conclusively that the three patterns were born of sun worship and the notion of the circle and cross. They prove conclusively that men believed they could die on crosses and become suns, like the rising sun.

In the visions I saw the folly of man based on these beliefs and money which he invented to bring him everything he craves.

As greed surpasses common sense and the race to collect millions of dollars has become more important than one's life then it is the entire world that is suffering the consequences.

Man has not learned that real power is not in money or anything man has invented but in the Spirit which heals instantly, brings peace, love and understanding to all who search for it. It is the Great Spirit of the Universe that knows all that is to come because it is in the Plan.

The opposite to knowing the Spirit has created all the following impending disasters that I saw coming upon us, and soon.

Man is destroying the environment and the planet we depend on for life. As he takes more and more from it he destroys forests, overfishes the oceans, blows pollutants into the atmosphere, and turns his back on nature, manipulates genes and other things, and he cares not how much damage he does to himself and others.

He created his gods and eternal paradise to praise and sustain himself and excuse all he does. He erects buildings to house those gods and invented rituals and chants, prayers and praise to ensure that everyone knows he is right.

Once they started the End Time Visions came rapidly one after the other over several days. Driven to my knees they acted out before me as though watching a film. Remember they occurred in the mid 1980's and were recorded at the time and copies were sent to every church denomination and official place in the ACT.

There is no order to them, or at least I cannot recall any in which they came, but the vivid nature of them was so disturbing that the worry lines and frown on my face that they caused will never fade.

Listed below are just some of what was shown to me. Much more is in the e-book you can get from the Home page.

  • Large buildings will collapse with tremendous loss of life. No bombs, artillery, tanks or other weapons are in sight and many will just explode and implode.
  • Gas becomes a weapon of terrorism which will increase as hatred between Moslims and the West increases.
  • Wars and conflicts between nations will increase as will civil unrest and crimes against humanity.

  • Giant waves will pour over land with huge loss of life.
  • Particular countries to be affected by earthquakes and volcanic activity include United States, Canada, China, Japan, Korea and the Pacific Islands, such as Hawaii, Phillipines, and so on. They also include Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Iran and Iraq, among others.
  • Rising sea levels will create havoc. Island nations and low lying coastal cities will be wiped out. Millions die
  • Climate change and drought will bring great food shortage universally. Millions die.
  • Unexpected uncontrollable floods will wipe out cities, towns and villages as millions die.
  • Famine will grip the nations (even those considered immune to drought) as rains fail, soil turns to salt and land turns to desert. Millions die.
  • Genocides of populations will increase as things become ever more uncomfortable and war lords increase in numbers.
  • Deformities among children will increase.
  • Rivers will fail to run and water be so polluted that it will kill all who drink it.
  • Cancer and viruses will increase and new diseases and plagues will strike.
  • Heat waves and fires will destroy and devour entire populations of many countries.
  • Electricity will fail and the things man depends on will no longer be available.
  • Money will become insignificant as people struggle to eat and breath.
  • Terrorists will strike the vulnerable and innocent and hold nations to ransom. They will invade hospitals taking newborns from nurseries and strike at schools and wherever the young and the much loved are able to be targeted.
  • Protection forces capitulate as governments fail.
  • Earthquakes of unparalleled proportions will wipe cities, villages, and towns from the map.
  • Disease will increase and plagues become common. Millions die.
  • Insect born diseases and plagues will be uncontrollable and mouth to mouth transfer of viruses unstoppable.
  • People will crawl in vomit and excreta as towns and cities are inundated with death and suffering.
  • Infrastructure will fail.
  • As man drives the planet to a point beyond recovery the environment hits back.
  • Oxygen levels will reduce to a point where life is unsustainable and the death of many will quickly follow.
  • Meanwhile religious driven overpopulation of the world will see children bearing the worst of the horror.
  • People including the now rich will suffer extreme poverty without help and bodies will rot in the streets without burial.
  • These are but some of the visions given to me of the end of the world and it is soon to be upon us.

    Man strives for wealth and money but ignores his impending death.

    So strong and so prolonged were the visions over many days that I begged to be relieved of seeing them for I could not bear the pain of them any longer. Every day I cried in agony and everyday my pain load increased.

    These visions preceded the teaching given to me by the Spirit of the way man has destroyed not only his beautiful planet but the wonderful gifts that were given by the Spirit for all to enjoy.

    Since they were received many of the visions have and are coming true. They include:

  • 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center Towers;
  • Blowing up of Embassies and nightclubs, etc. ; attacks on trains and places like Bali;
  • Tsunamis in the Indian and Pacific Oceans;
  • Earthquakes, as in the Middle East regions;
  • Huge bushfires have destroyed homes and even towns;
  • Diseases such as E-bola, Bird Flue and AIDS have killed thousands and left children orphans;
  • Increases in cancer and other diseases such as diabetes and obesity are occurring everywhere
  • Cyclonic winds have wiped our entire cities. Those in the path of Katrina and on the East Coast of Australia and China are notable;
  • The seizure of a school in Turkestan with the loss of over 350, mostly children, by terrorists;
  • Kidnapping hundreds of school girls and forbidding them educations
  • Enormous floods have so far affected many countries. An aide worker reported that in one flood alone over 2 million died in China but the government reported that only a few hundred died;
  • droughts have already affected many countries. In Australia plans are afoot to recycle sewerage into drinking water as is happening overseas;
  • Droughts, floods, horrendous wind, rain and other things are happening now
  • Genocides have occurred in Rwanda, Sudan and elsewhere;
  • Gas murdered thousands of Kurds and was used to blow up apartment buildings in Russia, and in a theatre seizure in Moscow where hundreds died;
  • Driven to expose the rubbish that mankind has lusted after as nothing more than pie in the sky fraud there are now 6 web sites for you to check out the extent of what I have been shown, and to find the Spirit in your life. Others are coming online but it takes time.

    The real wealth is in the Spirit and the spiritual people will survive - in the Spirit.

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