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The Day of The Lord
It's Almost 4,000 Years Long

by Norma Holt

The Two Beasts

Many visions were given to me while on the learning curve the Spirit took me along. The one that stands out dramatically concerns hundreds of thousands who are caught behind bars of iron unable to escape. Reaching through the bars that secured their imprisonment they called out - "JESUS". Their eyes were sad and mournful and they reflected a lost look as they screamed out for help.

But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses; they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil and none saith, Restore. Who gave Israel to the robbers? Did not God, against whom we have sinned; for they would not walk in right ways, neither were they obedient to God's law. Isaiah 42:22; 24;

This prophecy relates to the children of God who are spiritual and who hear the little voice within and respond to it. The prison that captured them and which holds them within it was designed and built by God through the 2 beasts.

The tabernacles of robbers prosper, and they that provoke God are secure; into whose hand God bringeth abundantly. Job 12: 6

Israel are the spiritual people caught behind bars. Knowing my heritage is also the House of Israel it is not a country or a race of people but those with spiritual power. "I-s-ra-el' means 'eye of light-power with God'. Thus is know because the origin of language and what every sound symbol means was shown to me early in the learning curve.

Guessing what the visions and biblical quotes means was not possible as there is no easy answer. Before they can be understood the name of God has to also be known. It is Jesus - an old term for Spirit. It derives from 'I-s' or 'eye of light' and relates to the sun light and the spirit of light, which relates to it. 'Is-is' or "i-s-s-i' came about by doubling the term to increase potency to the name.

And it shall be in that day . . . that thou shalt call me Issi and no longer Baali. Hosea 2:16.

The Greeks added [h] to make it 'Ishi' to confuse the issue further. The letter is derived from the ‘seat of Zeus’, which is why it looks like a chair.

Only in the last century or so are people receiving power from the Spirit as it pours out ove the spiritual. It brings with it knowledge, healing, tongues, and miracles that cannot be explained otherwise. It is a bringing light and gives meaning to the world and salvation to its own.

The Old Testament was grossly distorted by non-spiritual interpreters who wanted to hide any inference to the Spirit. The words they did not alter are, however, very clear. Israel is not the House of Judah from which the Jews are derived. It consists of those who know God within and who have not been spoiled by the dogma of religion into believing something else that would stop them listening to their spirit

Another vision allowed more clarity.

It showed a city and a beautiful metropolis full of joyful people who exuded happiness and demonstrated they are well loved. Then a man left it and turning onto a path to his right he travelled along a bit before stopping. There he built a second city that imitated the appearance of the first with extreme beauty and peace. On close inspection, however, it is all veneer. It has no substance while behind the veneer the walls are bars of iron.

He then erected a detour sign across the road to the first city that pointed to his as the way to go. Deceived by this and confused the people and followed and were captured by the bars of iron hidden beneath the veneer. They searched for Jesus, which is the name burned into their heart by the Spirit.

Sucked in by the glitz and glamor along with the false doctrines and baseless promises that were trapped. They heard stories that increased the strength of the bars for it involves a baby and his mother. They were taught to worship them and that denying their existence would cast them into hell. No one questioned the truth because they were brainwashed to believe what they were told. Threats kept them in tune with the lies and deceit and they reinforced it to each other and loved it to their death. The Spirit warned against it but they cannot hear.

And they bend their tongue like their bow for lies. But they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth, and they deceive everyone their neighbours, and will not speak the truth. They have taught their tongues to speak lies and weary themselves to commit iniquity.

Their tongues are as arrows shot out: They speaketh deceit: one speaketh peacably to his neighbour with his mouth, but in heart he layeth wait. Shall I not visit them for these things? saith God: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? And I will make Jerusalem heaps, and a den of dragons; and I will make the cities of Judah desolate without an inhabitant.

Who is the wise one that will understand this? and who is it that the mouth of God hath spoken, and who may declare this . . . Isaiah3,5-9,11-12

The vision showed the false city of Jerusalem. It’s the sacred center for 3 major religions that influence today’s world - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Each was born of Islamic religion of Babylon and each has served to trap the unwary children of Israel. From this place came the doctrines and deceit that are destroying the world. But those seeking to be free of 666 can release themselves as within these words are the keys to the prison doors.

As they stretched out their hands through the bars towards me I was allowed to inspect it from within and discover its foundations. It is built on the rocks of Babylon and its walls are the strength of the imagination and the need to be fooled.

As they cried out “Jesus” and struggled for freedom it was as if they knew that the keys to the door of their misery was nearby. Their confusion and the deception they have around them stopped them grabbing those keys and turning themselves loose. The sight and the sound of their cries were almost too much and it brought me to my knees in pity. It spurred me on to publish everything about the deception so others will escape the trap. But the words fall on deaf ears unless the Spirit is involved. Only that power can change minds and open the ears to the truth.

There are guards everywhere and they get their strength from hell, that is the threat of eternal fire for those who disagree with them. The image that guards the prisoners is made of the weapons that comprise nothing more than their imagination. Through the words they hear and read they have created their own prisons and while crying out for spiritual freedom. They cannot see how easily their bars can be broken.

The ancient and honourable, he is the head; and the prophet that teaches lies, he is the tail. For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed. Therefore, God shall have no joy in their young men, neither shall have mercy on their fatherless and widows; for everyone is an hypercrite and an evil doer, and every mouth speaketh folly. For all this God’s anger is not turned away, and the hand is strethched out still.” Isaiah 9:15-17

Therefore hear the word of God; ye scornful men, that rule this people, which is in Jerusalem. Because ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us; for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehoods have we hid ourselves. Isaiah 28:14,15

The great lies comprise heaven and hell coupled with tales of a devil, angels and saints. If they exist where are they? They exist only in people's imagination and they are enforced by pictures and idols and prays and icons. They are strengthened by tales and false statues that pretend to be images of Christ and Mary, and of the thousands of saints and other devised spirits.

If dictators want people to obey and accept them then the thinking of the day was then and still is to frighten the populace into believing your lies. Heaven is the engine that propels religion and hell is the wind in its sails. They were repositioned in religions and put in place by a powerful; and greatly vicious dictator.

Without fear people would desert the conspiracy to steal God's people. Constantine's religion does more than that, however, for it claims to have been appointed by God as the one true faith. It uses tricks and magic to suck in its victims. They are without power to resist the lies and to think for themselves. Tricks like forgiveness of sins is attractive when juxtaposed over eternal punishment in hell. It employs claims that it holds the keys to heaven, and that by having obeying it one is doing God's will.

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