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The Lord of the Day started at the very beginning of it following the introduction of the spirit into a group of humans. It interfered with the things of God and prompted men to hide the prophecies given to Israel deep in a book where they make little sense unless interpreted correctly. It effectively buried the treasure that is being restored through this work.

To understand it better the Book of Job reveals the work of the Spirit in refining Israel. It is a metaphor of how Ishmael is Satan (it means light of the powerful sun). He is the evil that has come against them to take away all they had and to condemn them to pain and suffering for the remainder of the Day.

In the plan enacted he became the mentor and director and they worship him as the Creator instead of the real one. He tempted them with riches, and a desire to provide for themselves. He also introduced trade and then commerce to torment them further and he threw up the kings and the religions to destroy them.

They were given everything and protected from all adversities but they strayed because they wanted more. They listened to others and learned about the devil and such and they turned to worship the false gods of religion because of the fear it created in them.

That’s when they lost the spiritual power and were left to wander and flounder on their own and to grow in spiritual strength through many trials and tribulations so they will come to recognise that the false gods of religion have no power.

Behind the scenes and unrecognisable as such the Spirit looked after and protected its children. They grew in strength and they remained unspoiled as life after life was lived (Job 5:18-21). Others built false images to represent the ‘lord’ and Israel was trapped into believing in them. This is the basis of the very strong message in Isaiah. (59:2-10)

The lost children wandering at noon refers to only one thing. It was when the Saviour god, Jesus Christ, supposedly hung on a cross around 2,000 years ago. His death was proclaimed as something to make the world a safer place and save all mankind and that in the face of the adversity and horror that came after him.

His image and that of his heavenly host are seen in the graves, statues and icons that are worshiped and adored. But before this one arrived there was another ‘saviour god’ of its kind. It was created by Nebuchadnezzar on the plains of Dura and he forced everyone to come and worship it.

The Spirit had given the children of Israel strong commitments and knowledge to which they should adhere while under the influence of false teachings. For instance there is no other God, no devil, no angels and certainly no saints but to this day they believe otherwise. It is clearly stated in passages like Isaiah 44:6 that God is the only one and there is none other, but they are deaf to the reality.

The first commandment that was supposedly given to Moses not to worship other gods, Exodus 34:14, saw the religions with such images come to the fore and grow in size, and the spiritual are caught in them.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church lists the commandments forbidding them and yet its buildings are full of idols of worship. The members of that body have them throughout their homes and they worship and pray to them.

The bottom line is they are commodities that increase trade and profit. They are bits of plaster and cement made to look like humans and coloured to be more attractive. Exodus 34:17

The idols are molten and shaped into human faces and beings. They are lumps of cement or plaster that are shaped into human form but if they were in some other shape they would be abhorrent.

If they were a different shape they would possibly be abhorred rather than adored. They are worshipped as gods with power to heal and change lives.

They cling to the mind and block out any spiritual connection in the same way as fiction and make-believe. Those who own them think they offer protection but the reverse is true.

The way that the idols and false gods have ruined the spiritual of Israel is told in Job 1:6-12 in the metaphor of the one who loses everything.

This is a demonstration of how God’s children have been chastised. If parents give children everything then they won’t respect it but if they work for something they feel it is justified and that it is their right.

Only when they are reared with hardship and pain do they appreciate the loving home and the bonding that goes with it. Only when they are caste out do they long to be back and when they are destitute they finally return. In other words they search for happiness and restitution. When they find it the value of their rewards are better appreciated.

The story was laid out in Genesis in that of Adam and Eve. He represents the power of sun worship. She is the spirit at the start of the day who convinced him to taste the spiritual life represented as an ‘apple’. This is from ‘o-p-el’ and it means ‘circle bearing God’. He ate of it before God caste him out into the world. She is called the mother of all living, and that means those of the Spirit. He was sent to roam the earth. Genesis 3:17-14

The flaming sword is obviously the threat of hell. It is the power that dominates death, fear and confusion about divine matters. ‘Cherubim’ derives from ‘chair-circle-bearing the eye of mother’. It is sun worship.

Adam and Eve bore two sons, Cain and Abel. The names are derived from ‘X-an’ and ‘A-b-el’ and mean ‘cross of An’ and ‘power born of God’. It was the cross of religion used to promote the false gods that stood against the Spirit and put God on it.

The power of that image working against the spiritual children will become clearer in later chapters. The story of Cain and Abel is a metaphor for how the cross of sun worship buried those of the spirit.

And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground. Genesis 4:2

The farmer tills the ground to stop weed growth and prepare the soil for planting. The shepherd is the one who gathers the flock and it is called Mount Zion. That will also become clearer in later chapters. The sheep graze and eat the product of the soil whereas the tiller of the ground stirs things up and brings forth that which is underneath and buries the stuff on top. Genesis 4:4,5

This was started the jealousy of the religious against the spiritual. They know that the Children of Israel have been promised an inheritance but they don’t know what it is. They don’t want to be excluded and appearing to belong to God is part of the charade they engage in.

That’s why those of religion that I tried to get through to are deaf and blind to what God is about. They don’t even recognise spiritual power when it is displayed before their eyes. That is why my son, whose thumb was miraculously healed, now denies it because it fits better with those who influence him the most.

It demonstrates the work of Cain in overturning the strength of the power. Genesis 4:6,7

‘Sin’ is derived from ‘sun’ or ‘son’ and it means ‘lights victory’ and sun worship. Cain was sent out to rule over it. In effect he represents the devil. Genesis 4:9.10

And God sent him out to be a vagabond and to prove that when he tills the earth it does not yield any strength. In other words it has no power to rob the children of their inheritance.

This is how the two sides of human nature are shown. One, the spiritual, have been slain and their blood spilled throughout the Day of the Lord because of the images before them, including that of the man on the cross. The other is the side that has tilled the ground but has delivered no strength but a weakness that incorporates brought havoc; misery; poverty; wars; and destruction. It has brought us to the end of the Day and has delivered the retribution of God against the world.

While this analogy may be difficult to understand and some may be turned off completely it is because only those with eyes and ears for the Spirit are meant to know it. God protected the image on the cross and helped it to grow into a powerful force.

There was no way that anyone could remove it until the time came for this work. It also means that it has been there for the entire day and it was the image worshipped. Genesis 4:15,16

The east is towards sun rise and the image of the Mother God in the stone. ‘No-d’ means ‘no food’ and the Spirit stopped feeding the children with power.

The images of worship are errors of the imagination that have driven the spiritual behind the wall that is built of nothing but false gods and lies. Such were built and recommended by Big Men who rose in the face of religion for power and control.

They developed empires and grew into gods with human form who lived among them and are worshipped by all who bow to them. They started in Assyria and spread out to incorporate Egypt and them Israel, with the claim that they have now the inheritance. Isaiah 21-25

The images of worship included animals and birds that are found among the graves of kings. They took others with them to serve them in the after-life because they expected they would rise to heaven, above the stars, and be the highest gods. Temples were erected to them so their subject could continue to worship and pray to them and their burial chambers were constructed like palaces. Isaiah 44:9

Rock art showing men rising on kites of
the circle/cross to mate with Mother God, Mary.

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