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Religious Origins

With memory of my last death and return to life, with visions given to me between lives, it was a puzzle to understand where the notions of heaven and hell and of devils, angels and saints came from. It was not until I reached the age shown to me between lives that the picture of how man developed religious beliefs from his imagination was on the agenda. For the next 20 or so years my research into the origins of religion and language led me to these startling revelations.

This lens will challenge many and there are duel modules for readers to speak out. The challenge is to think through the question before responding. It is a fact that people stick up for their religious beliefs but what if they are wrong and misleading you. The bottom line is the world has been fooled by experts for power and control. Now we are paying the price. Individuals can't change the world but we can change our support and give it in the right direction. Unfortunately there are many who can't do that because they are programmed otherwise,


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