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Corruption in the Old Testament

When the Spirit took me to the Old Testament with enormous power it taught me the facts and how this book comprises a conglomeration of many stories from ancient times. My research then confirmed what was shown to me.

People believe what they read and it is taught to them from the start of their lives that God's word cannot be altered. What they do not realise is that God's word was mostly man's words placed in there as rules and a discipline to give kings power and control

That did not start with Constantine but with Ismal, the god of sun worship. Over years of refinement it became a story too great to deny.

During the course of my university degree in archaeology, anthropology and linguistices, undertaken by insistence from the Spirit, the facts concerning many things shown to me were confirmed. The most important that being there is no archaeology for what supposedly took place according to religious claims.

The authors of religious books who did not write things handed to them by the Spirit but from their own imagination have been caught out. They were unaware that the day would come when the remnants of past civilisations would tell how people lived, what they did, and give accurate dates for the events noted.

The ancient city of Jericho, for instance, is not found in the time frame or in the position described in the Old Testament. A 'tell' (mound) that covered an ancient city is located further west and its date is c8,000-10,000 ya and is the only one in the area. That puts it well beyond the dates of the so-called Tribes of Israel.

There is no evidence, physical or otherwise of the capture of and enslavement of them within Egypt. Nor is Joseph mentioned in any of the Egyptian records and if, as per the story, he rose to be Pharaoh's right hand man, there would have been something recorded about that.

There is likewise no evidence of the wars and raids that supposedly killed many people so the instigators and warriors recorded therein do not tally.

My research shows that a war mongering tribe of people called the Amorites (mistakenly called Hitties) invaded and destroyed much of Egypt between 1500-2,000ya. Their Capital City at the time was Mari, which was later destroyed by earthquake. Its remains lie 11 km northwest of Abu Kabul in Syria. It had replaced Babylon as the Capital some time earlier.

The Amorites invaded Italy and they built Roma (reverse Amor). One of their numbers was Constantine, described in the OT as the Amorite in God's sight.

During my research of this time and region I learned how easily scholars are misled by what others write or relate to them. Fortunately that did not happen to me as the picture was clear before doing the courses.

Unfortunately students are encouraged to lean their own research on what others have written before them. If they go outside of the 'norm' they are generally penalised unless they have good facts to support their theories. That's what God gave to me.

My research shows that things were changed, prophecies altered, and spiritual connections severed. The Old Testament references only 'The Lord' or some other terms that are replacements for God or Spirit. It is an Egyptian and Greek addition while the spiritual children of Israel were deemed lost.

The origin of the Old Testament was shown to me in visions and through the prophecies that have remarkably retained their original concepts, such as the information that 70 men compiled it. Digging deeper located who the seventy were and who appointed them to do the job and why?.

It was no surprise to discover they were sun-worshipers who took stories from ancient Assyrian, Egyptian and Greek myths and mixed them with the prophecies given by the Spirit to the Children of Israel, that is those who are alive today.

Anyone with curiosity enough to search for the truth must read the evidence of how the biggest swindle and great conspiracy was put together. The role of 666 is also important to learn about as it is he who has taken the name of God and given it to the image he created.

The Spirit states that whoever believes the lie and has no time for the truth will perish in the folly of man's creation.

Can you be saved from it? That is something I cannot answer except to say that if you are searching for the truth you probably are one of the children of Israel. You must read on to discover more about yourself.

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