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Philosophy Behind Religion
Constantine is 666 - There is No Jesus Christ

by Norma Holt

Big Men Need Control

They assume power by promises and bending to the will of the people. That means they present ideas that fit in with general thinking - UNTIL THEY GET ELECTED.

Emperors were in the position that people knew their word was law and they could not be argued with. To be seen as great they needed proof that they were serving as gods on earth. The only way to do that was to have their country worship them as such.

They made themselves bigger through the images they erected. They dress in the finest clothes with heaps of jewels to increase the appearance and importance of their appearance. The grander they are the more impressive and the greater they became. People can't help but admire them..

There is not a nation that does not have its statues and images. They sit large and in full view of the public. They supposedly 'honor' the people they represent. Images of the so-called religious gods are also bedecked in finery and jewels. They are presented in the best possible way to cause a sense of awe.

The religion must appeal to all in order to grow in size and extract money from its supporters. As most believe in spirits, fairies, angels, and the like then the religious order must include such beings.

They impose laws, insist on recitation of formal prayers, they condemn people who are spiritual and have no need for religion. They call them names, ostracise and ridicule them, and in some regions even kill them. The aim is to silence anyone who does not comply with their dogma.

The principles work on getting children involved from a very young age so parents are encouraged to bring them for their initiation. This is usually a baptism or some other ritual. The claim that children are born with 'original sin' is a trick to force parents to have them included in the 'fold'.

That means that in the Christain tradition they are 'baptised' to be accepted. They also believe that if child dies without that 'washing' through the waters, performed by some priest, then its 'soul' cannot go to heaven and is trapped in Limbo. Of course there is always a way out by engaging the clergy to perform more 'tricks' and 'magic'. .

Fear is generated in parents and offspring to ensure they maintain their membership into the congregation. Another form of sin awaits if they dare to listen to or go into a church or temple that is not of their 'faith. This ia governed by the fear of hell.

It is through the fear they generate and teach that religions have been able to survive. From birth to death the religion has become the social center of one's life.

Fear is their greatest weapon and the myths of heaven and hell their source of power and control. The former is the wind in their sails and the latter the engine driving them forward. People may fear not to belong, especially as age creeps up and their impending fate awaits them.

Churches, temples, mosques, etc. are positioned in the center of the city. They are considered the center of the world and everything is done in accordance with the law it promotes. Governments that have members of a particular faith ensure that the religious demands are met.

The organisations must also provide a form of light entertainment, parties, festivals, and the like. That is why Christmas, Hanuka, Passover, Easter, and so forth are popular. Fasting is part of the expectations of a good time to follow.

'Christmas' is another form of religious magic. The term is derived from 'Christ-mass' and 'merry' is from 'Mary'. Meryy Christmas is really Mary-Christ-mass. The Catholic Church, which was the all encompassing power for centuries, has managed to incorporate everything around the so-called birth of its Saviour, Jesus Christ.

By way of another example Augustus Caesar implemented a new calendar at a date called zero. Every day after that was post Caesar and all that went before was 'before Caesar'. The church has made it 'before Christ' and now everyone automatically calls it as such. The dates after Caesar should be AC but they changed it to AD to make it 'anno domini' or 'year of the lord'.

By these clever tricks the world is forced into accepting the birth of Christ as being related to the Roman Calendar.