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Genetic Science Disproves Virgin Birth


Virgin Birth Impossible

The Shocking Truth about Genes and Religion

Science has established that the Virgin Birth is impossible. The idea is born of an ancient myth whereby the sun was considered responsible for all new life. The claim that God can do anything including produce a child from a virgin is not rational. Not only does God not do things outside of the creative laws in place but being spirit it has no genes.

For those who don't know about genes and their contribution to the production of a child this page is essential reading.

In ancient times things were decided by how they appeared and by what leaders and academic thinkers could make of them. It is an eye opener just how many Classic Greek and Roman thinkers believed they were the product of a virgin birth. They include Pythagorus and other well known mathematicians and philosophers.

The object of this thinking was to establish that one had the right to speak for the Sun-god and to pass on laws as though they had come from her.

You heard right. The Sun-god was female and one of her names in antiquity was 'Mary' and 'Mar-i'. Once I was shown the language code I established that 'Ma-r-s' means in old terms 'Mother's powerful light'. This is explained in detail in the e-book where my knowledge of language origins is revealed.

The sun was a 'virgin' which had a completely different meaning in ancient times. Where the sun briefly touched the ground, be it through a mountain peak, a raised or elevated stone, or something else, it 'verged on' the earth. That's how fertility was supposed to occur as the earth became fertile after the sun's return in spring.

To be verged on by the sun made a woman a 'virgin'. There was no comprehension that sex brought about pregnancy. In fact until a woman began to show signs of pregnancy there were no means of deciding if and when she got pregnant. There was also the fact that women were mated to several men over their fertile time and no one man was considered the 'father' of her child.

To take that further in many societies there was no word for father and until recent times Australian aborigines did not know about fatherhood.

In that culture a woman was impregnated by whatever object her partner decided upon at the time. He might be fishing and see a barramundi (Australian freshwater fish and predator). In that case the child was the spirit of the fish. That is how children were given totums and became attached to the land.

There are remnants of this kind of thinking universally today.

Anthropological studies of many tribal groups demonstrates this trend.

Women are forbidden, in many societies, from exposing their bodies to the sun, particularly during or immediately after menstruation. In some areas of New Guinea a woman is, or was, confined in a cage until a marriage had been arranged for her.

Menstrual blood was seen to be evil and some believe to this day that if it touches a man he becomes immediately unclean and must bathe his body several times and undergo purification. If a woman dripped her blood near a sacred site the place became contaminated and so women were barred from religious places. That has carried over into societies where the segregation of women in mosques and synagogues is still the norm.

The Jewish male may not sleep with his menstruating wife who, in turn, must take herself into another room at that time.

The fear of impregnation by the sun is also the reason why women wear veils or berkers and long dresses or sarongs. In Western Society women, until recently, covered their bodies from chin to toe and wore large hats and gloves to protect their face and hands from sunlight. This had nothing to do with ultra violet rays or the fear of cancer.

When pariarchy was introduced sometime prior to 2,000ya it was unlawful for a woman to expose any part of her body to another man other than her husband. This practice ensured rape and sexual relationships with other men did not occur so children of the marriage were definitely those of the husband. This indicates the ignorance behind the birth process.

It is also why many women were tortured by having to wear chastity belts and undergo other physical hardships if and when husbands were absent, which could be for months, years or, in fact, they might never return having been killed on a battlefield or through some other misfortune.

Only recently have we come to understand about dates, time and the purpose of such things as menstruation. Things like missed periods and morning sickness are indicators of possible pregnancy. As the veil of ignorance has been dissolved so women have been allowed to dress as they now do.

When Charles Darwin presented his work on evolution it was the Catholic Church that banned it. The consequences of people discovering that the Church is wrong was too horrible for most of its leaders to contemplate.

As the reality of genes have come to the fore and people see and understand the role of DNA in the making of a human being then the Church has retreated ever more into the ignorant societies of third world and backward countries for suppport. The uneducated or just plain stupid supporters of a virgin birth, in this day and age, are people who have their ears and eyes closed to reason.

For a child to develop it requires the Genetic codes of 2 people, a male and female, and the input of both sees a normal child with normal characteristics produced. What would be the result of a child of God, if such were possible?

Think about that. Do you know what God looks like? Is [he] a normal looking fellow with light or dark coloured skin? What colour hair or eyes has he? How tall is he?

Now, if as I know, God is spirit then where would that second genetic code come from? Would the child be half human and half spirit? Would the child be 'normal' or unbalanced?

In fact the child would not develop in the womb because without the right genetic code no embryo would happen. We know how difficult it is when men are sterile or have low sperm counts. They cannot produce children and so other techniques are employed, such as IVF.

In the case of a virgin how would sperm enter her body without some input, either by a man or a test tube?

If Jesus Christ were born of a virgin then he would have to have had a physical father to get the other genetic code for his being. Does that mean 'God' impregnated Mary with sperm? If so were they his or someone elses'

You see this dilemma is not easily resolved if the religion is to remain. The Catholic Church did not know or understand the technology behind birth before it declared Jesus Christ its prophet.

While ever people remain ignorant and uneducated into genetic facts then the religion will continue to parasite on them.

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