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The Truth - Jesus Christ and 666
by Norma Holt

This site contains amazing material from some 30 years of research that is given free to the reader. The real God needs no money, no buildings, no tiths, and certainly no physical commitments from anyone looking to connect spiritually. Thats what religions don't want you to know. By undoing the lies and exposing the facts the Spirit is gaining recognition as the Almighty Spirit of the Universe.


NB. God is NOT in Religion but 666 is

The Worst Crime Ever and God is Behind It

In a court of law all things must be considered when proving guilt of a party or person. Constantine and his cohorts have committed one of the worst crimes ever and the only witness is the Spirit. That is the Spirit of all creation and it is not in religion.

While this is not a court of law readers of this site are members of the jury of human rights. They have a right to know how they have been fooled, robbed, and spiritually murdered. The crimes we are dealing with affect everyone.

Most will know little to nothing about that entity because it has been buried and hidden by the perpetrators of this crime. It is not a male God with three heads and it left this description of itself in the Old Testament: "I am God and beside me there is no one else. There is no God beside me. I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create Evil. I God do all those things." Isaiah 45:4-8.

Some, however, do know of it and have communication on a level not expected to happen. I am one of those people. You might dismiss that claim as fanciful and that's OK.

Consider for a moment that the Spirit is speaking through me to bring the injustices in this world to an end? Consider too that the Spirit has given me the power to bring religions to an end? In that case the knowledge given to me will be something not heard before and certainly of the nature that religions will abhor.

Many have formed a bad opinion about religions already. That is justified as they speak with lies and they teach their people to speak lies through the prayers and ceremonies they put out there. The wake-up call is especially true in countries like Australia where people are free of the pressures that those in religiously dominated countries might experience.

The goal here is not to bamboozle you with make-believe rubbish but to present to you the facts of the case. If you were part of a jury in a riminal trial you would listen to the entire case before forming an opinion. That is what this site aims to do.

This is explosive stuff and has involved some 30 years of research to gather the facts and decipher the things the Spirit left as a guide. It is given FREE of charge and without any obligation to whomsoever requires it. Read the entire case before making a judgement.

The main witness in this trial is the Spirit and it left its laws and reasons for everything in the Old Testament prophecies. These have been overturned by the New Testament which changed the nature of God from Spirit of the Universe to a three headed identity that was taken from the Vedic Trinity of India.

Many get turned off with the bible and that is because it comprises the greatly contaminated works from different authors. Bear with me, however, as the quotes herein will be those given to the prophets of the Old Testament and they, like me, had a direct link to the Spirit.

In the following exposë you will meet the ones accused of doing this crime. As they are all dead you will have available only their records and motivation, You will discover who wrote the New Testament, its first date of publication. You will also see the start of Christianity and the Muslim branch of Islam. The evidence shows that both are recycled Islamic religions that the accused put in place. But the question is are they guilty or were they pawns in the plan of God?

In contradiction to their claims you will be treated to what the Spirit said of the time called the 'day of the lord'. You will come to know the identity of the 2 beasts of Revelation and how they were positioned by the Spirit to do what they did.

The Spirit wanted the people who are 'tuned in' to it to overcome the religious rubbish and show their allegiance to the true God by turning their backs on the old teaching They are called the 'children of Israel' but they are not the Jews or of that country. They were tried and tested and were expected to walk away from the idols, the icons, the prayers, ceremonies, and all the junk that has been laid before them. They were given rules to follow and were expected to pick their way through the maze of deceit to arrive at the truth. That is what this web site will attempt to prove

This site is about truth and about how the Spirit sent its children through fires of refinement to win back the treasure that was stolen from them. If the reader is part of the inheritance then what follows will be music to your ears. If you are not then it will be something you will want to avoid and have no part in. If you are heavily into religion then don't go any further unless you are unhappy; feel cheated; searching for peace; looking for answers; or for some other reason.

Everyone who has lived is back now in a body. They have reincarnated and many millions have some recall from past lives or are curious to know more about the procedure of passing from life to life. There is no heaven or hell because no such places have been found. The idea behind them was to give the religion of Constantine weapons to wield to ensure the growth of its members and to build strength within that would be hard to break.

The Spirit is breaking it now. It is called the Wall of the Daughter of Zion. What is contained in the following pages is the teaching called Mount Zion, that was promised for the last days. That time is almost here.

What is Mount Zion

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