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Constantine is 666
He Tricked Everyone Through Lies, His Power and Control

These claims are made after evidence was found from several sources. They involve tracing genetic markers to their place of origin, anthropology studies of behaviour and traditions, linguistics, archaeology of ancient societies, and the relationship of all to the prophecies in the Old Testament that survived the many changes made to that document.

They are also made because of memory of my reincarnation and a link to the Great Power of the Universe. As the Spirit of Creation it has nothing to do with religion but allows it to flourish as a test for those who are connected to it and who have come away from religion. To generate that test it used the 2 beasts of Revelation and it protected their work so that it would not be undone until the end of the time called the 'Day of the Lord'.

There is only one witness to the events that this site deals with and that is the Spirit of Creation. It is in control of all things and it has a plan that results in the end of the world as we know it. Deciphering that plan and obtaining the overall picture was done at the behest of the Spirit and as a result of commissions given to me.

Over the next few pages all will be revealed as bit by bit the story comes together. The best place to start is with the one who has the most influence over the Western World at this time. He was a Roman emperor who sought to control his domain by promoting his attachment to a higher authority while declaring himself the son of God.

Constantine craved power and control and he used religion to do it. His work was foretold and warned against in the Old Testament that few people understand because it conflicts so much with the New Testament that was written to add credibility to the Roman Catholic Church. As proven herein the latter is a contrived effort to overturn the real God for the one invented by the emperor.

To help the reader understand the conflicts between the two books references are given. At first they may be confusing as the story is a big one to tell but in time it will become clear for those who stay with it.

An emperor's power was determined on battle fields where men would give their lives to defeat the enemy. That meant that the warriors needed a good reason to fight and to deliver their king from harm. They were conditioned from birth to believe that death met in this fashion was honorable and rewarding.

Little has changed in this regard as kings and governments continue to expect men to go to war to fight for their country, which is also represented as being for their 'god'.

Leaders still use the perfect trap to force men into battles and to perform unnatural acts. That snare comprises Heaven (Paradise) and Hell. Brainwashed into believing that death of so-called infidels or heathens (enemies of their gods) pleases their divine authority the motivation behind it is not new.

Those led to believe that murder delivers them to an eternity of wonderful things unattainable in life appear to accept that extreme acts of violence is a solution to their problems and an automatic passage to eternal rewards should they, in turn, be 'martyred'.

The same was practiced by tribal groups around the world who expected their king would reign in heaven where great rewards would be handed out for their sacrifice. The Maya and Inca, for instance, were condemned for having learned the Catholic religion from the devil This rumour justified their genocide as the Catholic church accepted their stolen gold to profit that organisation.

Brainwashed from birth such assassins are taught that refusal to do as ordered by their elders or authorities will send them to hell. This is the power that propels terrorism. It's a weapon of mass destruction while the thinking keeps congregations in churches,kings in power, and governments in control.

Religion is about discipline and power generated by forcing everyone within a community or nation to think the same. It was achieved and is maintained through superstition, fear, and violence. Historically kings used it to create their power and control over nations and although the circumstances may have changed they remain the head of their religion. They are worshiped as gods and as sons of God. Their words are taken as gospel and that is how religions became established.

The idea that their king would inherit the throne in heaven gave rise to the Father God and the notion that God is male.

All modern faiths started with the first beast and all have their roots in Babylon and sun-worship. They continued throughout the time of the second beast, Constantine, who is identified as such in Revelation 13:12-18. Over time and distance they varied enough to be almost indistinguishable from each other but their inherited characteristics remain the same.

They come from sun-worship and carry the trademark of their conception from the same principle. That being the Supreme Mother God, the sun. All the host of heaven were dreamed up to give credence to the overall picture of man's deception. They are condemned in the prophecies of the Old Testament.

For the indignation of God is upon all nations, and God's fury upon all their armies:God hath utterly destroyed them. God hath delivered them to the slaughter. Their slain shall be cast out, and their stink shall come up out of their carcases, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood.

And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falletth from the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree." Isaiah 35:2-4

These things have already happened and are still occurring as the armies of the world fight it out. Stinking corpses, ruined armies, and men suffering beyond endurance are common sights. The women and children who are caught up in it are also under God's wrath.

So who are the ones who received these words and wrote them down? Who allowed them to survive until this time? These are legitimate questions that bring the overall picture together.

Those who are true prophets of God receive messages with power. They are not dreamers or those given to make-believe or man made power. They take their instructions from the Spirit of the Universe.

Those who absorb the words of the real God feel the power and are persuaded by it and not by the clones of teachers who fulfill an agenda of power and control. They are those specially appointed by God to carry out the work.

Religious power, on the other hand, works on those caught in the fog of confusion and mystery as well as the uneducated or those content to follow rather than think for themselves. Ignorance and tribal teachings and adherence to the chief or elders are the bain of such groups, even when individuals grow up in western societies that contravene these conditions and men are the most vulnerable. Women who follow them do so mainly to please the men in their lives.

Democratic nations allow freedom of religion and, therefore, maintain the power of the tenets and the trap. People who attend denominations are brainwashed into heaven and hell that make up the snare.

Prophecies in the Old Testament promise that God will reveal all before the end times. Which is where we appear to be right now. To do that someone had to be selected to learn everything so it can be passed on. That someone had to be a woman.

I have for a long time held my peace; I have been still, and refrained myself: now will I cry as a travailing woman; I will destroy and devour at once."" said God. Isaiah 42:14

The miracle of the Internet allows these words to be read seconds after their publication. It's in keeping with God's promise that everyone will hear the truth.

How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding 'daughter': for God hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man." Jeremiah 31:22

'Daughter' is a collective noun used here to mean religious followers. 'Compass' means to surround or imprison, in other words expose and charge with the crime. The promise is that a woman, who is the most unexpected messenger to do this, will be the one sent to complete the task.

The New Testament is the product of Jerome, the doctor of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). He published the first bible, The Vulgate, late 4th CAD. It favors what Constantine established in 325 AD when he inaugurated the Roman Catholic Church. The religion is full of idols, mystery, and magic and condemned by God in the Old Testament.

And the idols God shall utterly abolish."" Isaiah 2:18

Its statues are fake images of saints and they reflect the life of Jesus Christ as window dressing. The make-believe components of heaven and hell are expressed in imagery so followers accept them.

O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. God will stand up to plead, and stand to judge the people. God will enter into judgment with the ancients of people; and the princes thereof; for ye have eaten up the vineyard; the spoil of the poor is in your houses. Isaiah 3:12-14

The vineyard of God comprises spiritual people who hear the voice within and respond to it. They are those written in the 'book of life' from the beginning, which was 4,000 years ago at the start of the day of the lord. That does not mean the day the earth was created because that was millions of years ago.

It means there was a time when man became mentally capable of receiving knowledge and the gifts of the Spirit. He was also issued with the instructions on how to keep and nurture them. At the same time another was given the power to raise the false gods and sun worship in opposition. He is called the first beast of Revelation. That is what the prophecies teach.

For the vineyard of God is the House of Israel Isaiah 5:7

Linguistically I-s-ra-el means 'eye of light - powerful God'. The ones referenced here are the chosen of God who have been through great trials and are back in bodies awaiting judgment. Because we have reincarnated many times we are ancient in years of life.

God shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee." Job 5:19

The spiritual have always been targeted. murdered (usually in horrible ways), and condemned by society for their strong connection to the real God. Many have suffered horrible deaths, torture, and other things before dying when they then returned in another body to continue the work of God and to testify against the religions born of the beasts

With each return their strength grew and they were strengthened and refined as gold is hardened and refined when the contaminated particles are removed. They are called 'the children of Zion'. It is they that religion wants to overturn and steal their inheritance. It can't be stolen, however, as it is secure within the heart and minds of God's own people.

The precious children of Zion, comparable to fine gold, how are they esteemed as earthen pitchers, the work of the potter." Lamentations 4:2

The children of Zion are the Children of Israel. They have nothing to do with the Jews or any country but are the ones written in the book of life. These are the things the Roman conspirators and their successors have tried to hide. It's an ongoing power struggle as those who are not part of the inheritance use tricks, violence, and murder to make out otherwise.

Overwhelmed by religious lies and distorted truths many are searching for the real God that does not demand human sacrifice or money. That was the purpose of the day.

Those lost on the dark mountains of dreams and religious deceit appreciate nothing it offers. On the other hand those seeking knowledge and truth of the real God are flexible in their thinking and will understand.

A noise shall come to the ends of the earth: for God has a controversy with the nations and will plead with all flesh; the wicked will be given to the sword; said God." Jeremiah 25:31

That noise is the truth and it will be hated by those who favor religious gods, idols, icons and, of course, heaven and hell. It involves the two beasts who were appointed by God to bring false ideologies before the spiritual people as a test of their loyalty and spiritual strength. As this site reveals there is much that has to be undone in order to correct the situation.

When the words ‘CONSTANTINE IS 666’ stood up in the air before my eyes the implication of what he did while a Roman Cesar was unknown to me. This vision followed another when a man on a cross stood in front of me and called my name. Inside I heard “take me off the cross”. The look on his face reflected pain, rejection, loss of understanding, innocence, sorrow, and above all confusion about his predicament. The next commission followed soon after when asked to search the origin of the cross.

The cross is listed only as a talisman in libraries where anything about its origin is completely missing. In one library while walking through one of the aisles between book-stacks a book dislodged from a shelf several feet in front of me. It opened on the floor at a page displaying crude drawings of crosses. The author is an archaeologist, James Maallart, who described the symbol as it appears in ancient sites in Turkey and dated to some 6-8,000 years ago. This record was something that could never have been found by me was it not for this happening. Later a vision showed me the origin of the cross in sun worship.

As my work progressed miracles of healing and unimaginable events took place as the Spirit led me to people seeking such help. They were mainly perfect strangers who, for some reason or another, struck up a conversation with me or were led to my home. All the while teaching about the plan of God went on as the power built within to a point where my body felt like it would burst.

Led back and forth through the bible until everything was decipherable and nothing like what man has imagined took 2 years. In it there is a secret passage that involved language and knowledge not taught in schools or universities? Finally a degree in archaeology, anthropology, linguistics and philosophy was ordered and accomplished. These subjects proved the commissions in factual evidence that has been misunderstood or gleaned over by scholars.

The work of Constantine has been unraveled, secret files from the Vatican archives are revealed through the work of one who had access to them (fray Josë of Spain), and the New Testament emerged as an instrument of power that gave the religion of Constantine credibility. Deep mysteries were uncovered and the evidence presented in images and scholarly works that make it impossible to deny the conspiracy that is destroying the world.

The bottom line is absolute proof that God never produced a son, that the Virgin Mary is the personified sun, and the religion of Constantine is recycled Islam.

After him the Vatican, which he built, manipulated the creation of the Muslim religion, another branch of Islam, through one of its disciples that was trained to be a prophet. The two branches of Islam that came from Constantine are now at war with each other and the situation worsens as the jealousy and violence continues.

The evidence is not only indisputable but supported by others who uncovered similar things. It was God, however, that put everything in place and for good reason. It allowed the Children of Israel, the ‘young’ of my first commission, to strengthen their spirituality and to inherit the earth at the end of the Day.

My first commission is to ‘tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people, and bring back the young.’ The job is tough because most are completely deaf and blind to the corruption that has robbed them. My work is slowly taking God off the cross, it is tearing down the walls and the young are ready to be harvested. We are fast approaching the end of days when God's plan will be fulfilled.

On the following pages there is the evidence that is required to prove beyond doubt that Constantine is 666 and that he and the first beast are responsible for the religions of the world.

Access to them can be gained by clicking on the titles on the left hand side or by simply clicking on 'next' at the bottom of each page.

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